About Us

Tealirious is an online tea store born in Vancouver, Canada. Currently, our assortment includes over 40 high-quality teas sourced from tea farms in mainland China, Taiwan and Japan, and we are on the way to expand it. We are proud to offer some famous teas from renowned tea-growing regions as well as some rare finds.

Our mission

We believe that tea is the best drink for any occasion. We are here to help you discover the beautiful world of teas. Our focused selection helps you to save time looking for the best of the best, and our competitive prices make your choice even easier!

Our story

Almost ten years ago, the co-founders of Tealirious met for the first time for a cup of tea. Since then we have been looking for the greatest teas together. We were often interested in teas that were hard or even impossible to find in North America. We started ordering teas overseas, however the small quantity prices were usually high and delivery often took too long.

A solution came naturally: we decided to start ordering the teas we enjoyed in slightly larger quantities, just enough to qualify for wholesale pricing. Over the years we’ve built a strong relationship with tea farmers, which allowed us to put our hand on some teas that were not meant for wholesale. We’d like to share this opportunity to experience new and unusual flavours of pure tea with like-minded tea lovers in Canada and in the United States.

To guarantee the quality of the tea over time, we avoid working with large tea sourcing companies and prefer to deal with farmers. More than that, we made a decision to avoid buying tea blends, and we source organic teas when possible. Our teas are fresh, since we order them in relatively small quantities.

Contact us

We are always glad to hear from you! Don't hesitate to send us a note to info@tealirious.com, and we promise to answer you within 24 hours. Unfortunately, we don't provide a phone support at the moment. If you prefer, you can send us a letter addressed to:

Tealirious Tea Shoppe,
1008-6888 Alderbridge Way,
Richmond, BC, V6X 0A7,